6 Reasons to do Project Pan

Project Pan

What is Project Pan?

Project Pan is a personal challenge where the goal is to ‘hit pan’ or completely finish up a makeup product. But don’t worry – you don’t have to finish up every single makeup product you own! You get to choose which products you want to ‘pan’ in 2018 based on your personal preferences. For example, someone who wears a lot of lipstick can choose to include more lip products in their Project Pan goals than someone who favours eye makeup. It’s completely up to you!


Why should you do Project Pan in 2018?

1. Get your money’s worth

The most obvious reason to do Project Pan is to get your money’s worth. Makeup is so expensive nowadays – letting your makeup sit in your drawer is essentially the equivalent of throwing away a stack of money.

2. Use before expiry date

As you know, makeup does expire, dry up and accumulate bacteria. Project Pan is good way to encourage yourself to use up your makeup before it expires.

3. Create less waste

If you are using up a product, it means you aren’t throwing it away when it expires. Just don’t forget to recycle the packaging once you pan the makeup!

4. Be aware of material possessions

By going through your makeup and choosing the items you want to use up, you will be more aware of the amount of cosmetics you own and will be less tempted to buy more.

5. Appreciate what you have

When you are consciously trying to use up your products, you gain a greater appreciation for the makeup you do have and realise that you probably don’t need more.

6. Satisfaction!

There is a special satisfaction in using up an entire makeup product and knowing that you didn’t waste it. ❤

Stay tuned for my next post – I will sharing my list of Project Pan items for 2018!


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    1. That’s great! I also decided to start small this year and if I do well, I can keep adding more items as I go. It all adds up in the end! 🙂

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