Is Juvia’s Place Cruelty-Free & Vegan?

Juvia's Place Cruelty-Free

As I mentioned in my post on cruelty-free claims, there are several factors to consider when determining if a company is in fact cruelty-free. I reached out to Juvia’s Place and asked them a series of very specific questions in order to determine if they are cruelty-free. Their customer service team was kind enough to provide answers to all my questions.

I’m happy to say that Juvia’s Place is cruelty-free! Pink HeartRabbit Emoji


Does Juvia’s Place test on animals?

No! They do not test any ingredients, formulations or finished products on animals.

Does Juvia’s Place commission animal testing?

No! They do not commission a parent company, an affiliate company or a third party to test any ingredients, formulations or finished products on animals.

Does Juvia’s Place purchase from suppliers who performed animal testing?

No! They do not purchase any ingredients, formulations or products from third party manufacturers or suppliers that conducted, commissioned or were party to animal testing of said ingredients, formulations or products.

Does Juvia’s Place have proof from its suppliers?

Yes! They have documentation from their manufacturers or suppliers to support the latter’s claim that they did not conduct, commission or participate in the testing of ingredients, formulations or products on animals.

Do regulatory agencies test Juvia’s Place products on animals?

No! Juvia’s Place does not allow animal testing to be performed by regulatory agencies in foreign countries.

Does Juvia’s Place sell in China?

No! They do not sell their products in mainland China.

Do any third party distributors sell Juvia’s Place products in China?

No! They do not have any authorised retailers in mainland China.

Does Juvia’s Place have a parent company?

No! They do not have a parent company.

Are all their products vegan?

Yes! All their current products are vegan. Please note that the former Saharan Palette contained carmine but the new Saharan Palette is 100% vegan. Check out their website to see all their products.

Feel free to leave any questions or comments you may have in the comment section below. Also, if you would like to learn more about the cruelty-free status of other brands, please leave those brands in the comments!

You can learn more on the cruelty-free status of these brands here: BH CosmeticsMilk MakeupBriogeo, and xoBeauty.


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Juvia's Place Cruelty-Free

* Please note that this post is for information purposes only. The questions above have been simplified to facilitate the readability of this post. The formulations of the questions shown above are not adequate to ascertain the cruelty-free status of a brand and should not be relied upon by the reader as a template for use with other brands. Find out more on this topic here!*








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  1. Juvias Place make up is made in China! How can they be cruelty free if they are made in China? Is it sold in China? Because China requires animal testing.

    1. Animal testing is not mandatory for cosmetic products made in China – it is only mandatory for cosmetic products imported into China or sold in China. And Juvia’s Place does not sell in China 🙂

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