The First Step to Going Cruelty-Free


So you're thinking of going cruelty-free? 

Transitioning to cruelty-free beauty products can feel overwhelming at first. Where do you start? How do you know which brands are cruelty-free? What are the differences between the various cruelty-free logos? I had so many questions when I decided to switch to cruelty-free products. I didn’t know where to start and I had no one to guide me. So, I did a lot of research. A LOT. And along the way, in this cruelty-free journey, I have discovered some tips and tricks that I want to share with you.

In this post, I want to share with you the first step you should take when deciding to go cruelty-free: Decluttering. If you don’t declutter your beauty collection, you will stick to your current routine and you will most likely continue repurchasing your current favourite products. To break that routine, here are the four steps you should take when you declutter:

1. Take out all your beauty products and lay them out in front of you. 
  • Take a moment to observe what you have.

2. Separate your products based on whether or not the brand is cruelty-free. 
  • How can you know if a brand is cruelty-free? Check out the most comprehensive and reliable cruelty-free list on Logical Harmony.

3. Focus on the non cruelty-free category. Separate those products in three additional sections.
  • Are any of those products expired? If so, throw them out. (Don’t forget to recycle any packaging/containers that are recyclable in your area!)
  • Which products do you not use or do you not intend to use? Do you have any friends or family that you could give them to?
  • Which products do you want to keep and finish up?

4. Look at the products you have decided to keep from both the non cruelty-free and the cruelty-free categories.
  • How disproportionate are those two categories?
  • What is missing from your cruelty-free category? Which cruelty-free products will you need to purchase? (I will discuss this in a future post)


Hopefully, these four easy steps will be helpful to you. However, if you take anything away from this post, I want it to be this: There is no right or wrong way to going cruelty-free! You are free to substitute any part of my suggestions for whatever is more convenient for you.

Leave me a comment below if you decide to try this out for yourself or if you have anything to add. I’d love to hear about your journey and progress! ☺

Curious about what my first cruelty-free declutter looked like?

My first cruelty-free declutter

Left: products from brands that test on animals / Right: products from cruelty-free brands (at the time)

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