The Soulful BunnyMy name is Marie-France

I'm a Canadian (soon-to-be) lawyer and a bunny mommy. Caring for my Netherland Dwarf bunny has made me more aware of the ways in which our choices impact so many precious living beings. So what started out as a personal decision to transition to cruelty-free products has now turned into a passion for the promotion of cruelty-free and ethical decision-making. And so came the idea to launch the soulful bunny...

In this era of unbridled consumerism, I strongly believe that it is important for us to change the way we consume and to become more conscious and compassionate consumers. So my goal in this blog is to highlight the importance of sustainability and compassion in our choices as consumers. You can expect to see a range of different topics on the soulful bunny including beauty product reviews and recommendations, cruelty-free resources and tips, discussions on national and international laws pertaining to the protection of animals and of the environment, and various posts relating to lifestyle.

the soulful bunny is meant to be a positive space where we can learn from each other and share our experiences. So no matter how far along you are in your cruelty-free journey - whether you are just starting to learn about cruelty-free products or whether you have been cruelty-free for years - the soulful bunny is here for you! Send me a message, leave me comment - I would love to hear from you!

Let's all make more conscious choices together ❤


full disclosure policy

All posts, reviews and comments are 100% honest and completely my own. All products mentioned have been purchased myself unless otherwise stated and all photos are my own unless otherwise stated (credit will be given where it is due). Some links may be affiliated - this means that when you purchase a product through one of these links, the soulful bunny will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to send me a message through the Contact page.