5 Sustainable Shopping Practices to Adopt

Sustainable Shopping Practices

The holiday season is one of my favourite times of the year – the combination of white snow, warm fireplaces, Christmas lights and time spent with loved ones is unlike anything else. Unfortunately, the holiday season is also probably the worst time of the year when it comes to unbridled consumerism. In this post, I share 5 sustainable shopping practices that you should consider adopting during your holiday shopping this year.


1 – Buy less

Evidently, the most sustainable shopping practice would be not to shop at all. However, that is quite unrealistic for most people. So the least we can do is to become more conscientious consumers and buy less. Go check out my four tips to buy less during the holidays.


2 – Use reusable shopping bags

I know many people use reusable bags for their grocery shopping which is great. But it doesn’t have to end there!  You can use your reusable bag when shopping at the mall too. Let’s be honest – when are you ever going to reuse the brand’s bag again? It will most likely just end up in the trash. Just get a cute reusable tote bag like this one from Tote Project!


3 – Choose quality, not quantity

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you invest in items of higher quality, you will get more use out of them than the cheaper alternatives. Not only are you getting more bang for your buck, but you are also being less wasteful. This also ties into my next point…


4 – Avoid unnecessary freebies

Try not to get sucked into a purchase just because it comes with a freebie or a gift with purchase. It may be tempting because it makes you feel like you are getting more for your money. But you are not actually getting more for your money if the freebie is not something you need/want.


Lush Rosy Christmas

5- Switch to sustainable gift wrapping

Try skipping the wrapping paper this year! There are so many other creative (and sustainable) ways to gift wrap. For example, a beautifully patterned scarf can serve a double purpose by being both the “wrapping paper” and part of the gift itself. You can even pick up gift sets from Lush that are already wrapped in patterned fabric – easy peasy!


What do you think of these 5 sustainable shopping practices? Do you have other tips for sustainable shopping during the holidays? Share them with us in the comments below!


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